Carry-On Luggage

  • Passengers are welcome to bring on board one (1) carry-on item per person. 
  • No luggage is allowed in the aisles, wheelchair spaces or any other area that may hinder an evacuation. 
  • Additional items or sporting equipment such as prams, bikes, beach trolleys and surfboards must be pre-booked and may incur a fee for transfer. 
  • There is no charge for prams. The Crew will advise where to store these items at time of boarding.  

Please Note: There is very limited storage space in the passenger cabin, luggage will be taken and stowed on a first in, first served basis. 

Luggage Delivery

  • If you are staying on the Island, then you can have your luggage (bags and eskies) delivered to your accommodation on your behalf. Each piece of luggage will incur a $3.00 delivery fee. 
  • Luggage labels must be collected from the SeaLink ticket office counter, at least 30 minutes prior to boarding. Please have your accommodation location and unit number ready to advise our staff.
  • Luggage may take between two and three hours after the arrival of your ferry to be delivered to your accommodation. 

Please do not pack valuable items such as car keys, mobile phones, laptops, or medication in your luggage to be delivered. 

Conditions of Luggage

The Company (SeaLink) accepts no responsibility for loss of, or damage to luggage, or for consequential damages arising therefrom whether sustained during off-loading or transportation, and whether arising from negligence, malfunction of the vessel or other cause, except to the extent that the exclusion of such liability is prohibited by law.

Fishing rods, bikes, and golf bags cannot be delivered by the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) and must be collected by the owner from the jetty upon arrival at Rottnest. Items that are of an excessive size or weight may be refused carriage at the discretion of the SeaLink Rottnest Island Crew.

In the interests of passenger and vessel safety, SeaLink Rottnest Island reserves the right to conduct a search of any luggage

Maximum Luggage Sizes

Type Height Length Depth Max Weight
Carry On 600mm 400mm 300mm 10kg
Checked 800mm 500mm 400mm 22kg*

*Box / crate without handles - maximum 10 kilograms

Additional Information

  • Luggage exceeding the specified size and/or weight may not be transported or delivered.
  • The RIA may charge an additional fee for any oversize or overweight item to be delivered to your accommodation, and delivery may be delayed. The RIA will contact you if there is to be an additional charge for luggage delivery.
  • No ‘piggy‐backing’ of luggage is permitted, such as attaching a sleeping bag to a suitcase.
  • Each passenger is entitled to 1 x carry on item no larger than specified in the above table.
  • If you are bringing an electric bike the cost is $15 for freight. Please remove the battery and pack this in your hand luggage.

Please note: Luggage delivery is unavailable on 6:00PM, 6:45PM & 8:45PM services Leaving B Shed Fremantle. Delivery is also unavailable on the 7:00PM, 7:45PM & 10:00PM services Leaving Rottnest Island.