Our Top 5 things to do on Rottnest Island!

Rottnest Island is renowned as an A-Class Reserve measuring 11 km in length and 4.5 km in width, perfect to explore by bike, under your own pedal power or with one of our great tour packages. Don't forget to take the opportunity to capture your very on #quokkaselfie with the Happiest Animals in the World - The Quokka

Check out our Top 5 things to do on Rottnest Island below:

  1. Bike and Snorkel 
      - Cycling is one of the best modes of transport around the island
      - Hire your bike before you go and save time
      - Snorkel at the many bays/beaches and discover the unique marine wildlife and tropical corals of the island 
  2. Grand Island Bus Tour
      - 4 hour comprehensive bus tour featuring all the must-see locations on the island
      - Unique historic train ride up to Oliver Hill Guns Fortification and Tunnels    
      - Light lunch included with expert commentary of Rottnest's cultural and historical heritage
  3. Wild Seafood Experience Tour
      - Ultimate luxury tour perfect for food lovers
      - Haul in your own cray pots filled with delicious Western Rock Lobster (crayfish)    
      - Indulge in a gourmet seafood feast with unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks
  4. Skydiving on Rottnest 
      - This is the perfect adrenaline filled experience for all adventure seekers
      - Free fall from 8,000/10,000/14,000 or 15,000ft and marvel at the stunning views from above   
      - Enjoy a celebratory drink following your daring jump by the beachside
  5. Fortress Adventure Segway Tour
      - Go off-road on a custom built Segway and explore the island's most spectacular locations 
      - Learn about the fascinating military history of the island and it's important role during WWII  
      - Specialised photo stops to capture your very on #quokkaselfie

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