Rottnest Island Tours and Packages

Rottnest Island is renowned as an A-Class Reserve measuring 11 km in length and 4.5 km in width, perfect to explore by bike, under your own pedal power or with one of the great tour packages listed below! Book now and discover all that Rottnest Island has to offer.

Bike & Snorkel Hire

Discover Rottnest Island on a bike. Rottnest Island has no private vehicles so cycling is one of the best modes of transport on the Island.

Rottnest Grand Island Package

Upgrade your ferry transfers to include the most comprehensive guided tour of the Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Bayseeker Package

Take in the amazing flora and fauna of the Rottnest Island, whilst learning about its colonial and maritime history.

Wild Seafood Experience

Live the high life on an interactive 2.5-hour cruise, where you catch, then dine on ocean-fresh delicacies.

Rottnest Skydive Package

You will board the aircraft and fly to your choice of jump altitude, either 8,000ft, 10,000ft 14,000ft or 15,000ft.

Oliver Hill Train and Tunnel Package

Journey to the Oliver Hill guns and tunnel fortification on board the Captain Hussey trolley train

Settlement Explorer Segway Package

Enjoy stories of the island's settlement and it's intriguing past, be sure to keep watch for Quokkas.

Fortress Adventure Segway Package

Segway Tours WA offers 60 and 90 minute guided tours on Rottnest Island.

Double Rottnest Joy Flight Package

Departing from Rottnest Island Airport and landing back at Rottnest Island Airport, this scenic flight gives a fantastic overview of Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Seaplane and Ferry Package

Commencing November 1. Reach Rottnest Island direct from Perth CBD in only 15 minutes! With the Swan River as your runway, experience a water take-off!

Rottnest Island Twilight Sail

Commencing November 11th. Watch the sky come alive at sunset with Vlaming Lighthouse and the magnificent Indian Ocean as stunning backdrops on this relaxing sunset sail from Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Island Snorkel & Sail Day Tour

Experience the magic of Rottnest Island by Luxury Sailing Catamaran. Sail through stunningly beautiful bays then dive right in to a snorkeler’s paradise!