Carpark Facilities


There are several paid parking areas in Victoria Quay, including short, medium and long term options. This parking is not undercover nor is it secure and it is in demand.

You can choose how you pay for it:

  1. Pay for parking on arrival - Pay for the number of days at the ticket machine by entering your vehicle registration (maximum 14 days - you will need to purchase 12 days in one transaction and, in a separate transaction, purchase an additional 2 days).
  2. Pay in advance using the Wilson Parking “Book a Bay” system online - You pay before you arrive and you park your vehicle in any vacant car bay in Zone 3. You can leave your car for the whole duration of your stay; there is no cap on the maximum days allowed. By paying in advance, your car's registration plate is already recorded as paid with the parking inspectors. Please note - When booking online you will not be allocated a specific car bay. On arrival at Victoria Quay you can park in any vacant car bay in Zone 3 dedicated to all day or long-term parking.
  3. Pay on arrival or in advance using the Wilson Park “ePark” mobile app - Either you pay before you arrive or upon on arrival through the app on your mobile phone and you park your vehicle in any vacant car bay in Zone 3. You can park your car “Casually” by the hour with no maximum stay limit or you can leave your car for the whole day until 8.00pm for a slightly discounted rate. Your car's registration plate is then recorded as paid with the parking inspectors.

ACROD Permit Parking 

There are multiple allotted parking bays set-aside for people who require wider bays and convenient access to facilities throughout Victoria Quay. Please note that parking in these specific bays is only permitted for motorists who display a current valid ACROD permit on the dashboard of their vehicle.

Please visit the Fremantle Ports website for further information:

All parking on Victoria Quay is managed by Wilson Parking and the sites are patrolled regularly by parking Enforcement Officers. Contact Wilson Parking on 1300 306 933 or online via their website. Vehicles are subject to the terms and conditions displayed throughout the car park areas.


You can find a limited number of paid parking bays at Barrack Street Jetty which are available for up to two or three hours at a time. If you need more time at Barrack Street Jetty you can find longer parking options just a short distance away.

Terrace Road: Entry Terrace Road (CPP)
Concert Hall: Entry Terrace Road (CPP)
Council House: Entry 27 St George's Terrace (CPP)