Rottnest Island Luggage Delivery and Information

To have your luggage delivered to your accommodation on the island, luggage labels will need to be purchased from our office at $2.00 per item. These luggage labels may be pre-purchased at the time of booking, or at check-in on the day of travel, capacity permitting.

If your return date changes during your stay, you will need to obtain replacement labels from the Visitor Centre on the island (At the base of the main jetty).

Departure from Rottnest Island

On your departure from the Island your luggage will be collected from the road verge outside your accommodation (or from the communal luggage point) at 8.00am. Guests staying on the Camping Ground will have their luggage collected at 9.00am from the communal luggage point.

For those departing on a ferry leaving before 10.30am please contact the Visitor Centre 24 hours prior to arrange for an early luggage pick-up.

Luggage Weight Restrictions

Please be aware that to comply with health and safety regulations size and weight restrictions apply to your luggage:

  • Each bag with handles - maximum 22 kilograms.
  • Each box / bag / crate without handles - maximum 10 kilograms.
  • Each luggage item must not exceed 500mm x 800mm in dimension.
  • No 'piggy backing' of baggage items is allowed, for example, attaching a sleeping bag to a suitcase. Small items must therefore be checked individually or taken as carry-on luggage.

Hand Luggage

Hand luggage should be carried aboard the vessel as luggage placed in crates is transported to a sorting yard and is not accessible to the public.

There are no luggage storage facilities in the passenger cabins, so anything taken on board must be able to be accommodated on your lap and not interfere with other passengers.

No luggage is to be placed in the aisles, wheelchair spaces or any other area that may hinder the smooth operation of the vessel or a rapid evacuation in the unlikely case of an emergency.

Medication and fragile items should be carried in hand luggage. Please be aware that once luggage is removed from the vessel you will not be able to access it until it has been sorted and delivered to your accommodation.

Delivery of Luggage

To ensure the smooth delivery of your luggage it is essential that it be correctly labelled with SeaLink Rottnest Island supplied tags. The Rottnest Island Authority luggage management team are only able to deliver luggage up to a maximum weight of 22kg per piece.

  • The Rottnest Island Authority luggage management team aim to deliver your correctly labelled luggage within three hours of your arrival on Rottnest Island.
  • A two hour delay may be experienced if unlabelled luggage is placed into crates as it will need to be sorted and returned to the Visitor Centre.
  • Items such as surfboards, surf-skis, fishing rods, guitars, bicycles, dive and gas cylinders cray-pots and golf bags will not be delivered and must be transported to accommodation by their owners. These items must be picked up by passengers at the jetty after disembarkation.
  • Alcohol will not be delivered to Kingstown hostel, dormitories or the camping ground.  
  • Please note: Luggage delivery is unavailable on 18:00, 18:45 & 20:45 service ex B Shed & 19:00, 19:45 & 22:00 service ex Rottnest Island.